The Science in a Van science road show experience provides you and your students with a fun, interactive and memorable way to see, teach and engage with science.


Focusing on the Physical and Material World strands of the science curriculum Science in a Van provide experiences which demonstrate how science is relevant to everyday life. The Science in a Van team know how to make science fun! Their science shows are a bit like hiding vegetables in mince … your students will be inhaling a whole lot of learning while having the best time! Is it a theatre show? Is it a science lesson? It’s both!

Science in a Van is the brain child of Emily and Alan Worman. Their love of science (and of each other) developed over the seven years that they both worked in the education department of the Science Museum in London.

They set up Science in a Van in 2010 and now they travel all over New Zealand facilitating exciting learning experiences for students and educators.

This dynamic duo have facilitated hundreds of science shows, storytellings and workshops in New Zealand, England, Ireland and India. Emily also has a New Zealand teaching degree and has taught in primary schools here and in the UK. 

Over the years, Science in a Van has become very popular! To deal with the demand, Jasmine, has been a very welcome addition to the team and you’ll get to know her when you make your booking.

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