A fun and innovative way to see, teach and engage with science!

The Science in a Van science road show experience provides you and your students with a fun, interactive and memorable way to see, teach and engage with science.

Focusing on the Physical and Material World strands of the science curriculum Science in a Van provide experiences which demonstrate how science is relevant to everyday life and how essential science is to understanding the world around us. 

They travel all over New Zealand facilitating exciting learning experiences for students and educators. In their spare time they also update 'Science in a Blog'. This is a free resource full of easy science experiments that you can recreate with your students.

This dynamic duo make the most of their science communication and educational experience. They both worked at the world’s leading science museum in London and have facilitated hundreds of science shows, storytellings and workshops in New Zealand, England, Ireland and India. Emily also has a New Zealand teaching degree and has taught in primary schools here and the UK.

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What a fantastic experience for staff and students! 

Science concepts delivered in an interactive and fun environment and pitched at appropriate levels. 

Science in a Van is delivered by passionate people who know their stuff and their enthusiasm for teaching science is infectious! 

Highly recommended.

Sarah Hynds, Teacher, Laingholm School, Auckland